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12. Copie, Traduzioni, Chiusura, etc.

Hey, ce l'abbiamo fatta alla fine! (Phew...) Adesso solo le note legali.

12.1 Copyright and Disclaimer

This document is Copyright (c) 1995-1999 by Paul Gortmaker. Copying and redistribution is allowed under the conditions as outlined in the Linux Documentation Project Copyright, available from where you obtained this document, OR as outlined in the GNU General Public License, version 2 (see linux/COPYING).

This document is not gospel. However, it is probably the most up to date info that you will be able to find. Nobody is responsible for what happens to your hardware but yourself. If your stuff goes up in smoke, or anything else bad happens, we take no responsibility. ie. THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES INCURRED DUE TO ACTIONS TAKEN BASED ON THE INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THIS DOCUMENT.

A hint to people considering doing a translation. First, translate the SGML source (available via FTP from the HowTo main site) so that you can then generate other output formats. Be sure to keep a copy of the original English SGML source that you translated from! When an updated HowTo is released, get the new SGML source for that version, and then a simple diff -u old.sgml new.sgml will show you exactly what has changed so that you can easily incorporate those changes into your translated SMGL source without having to re-read or re-translate everything.

If you are intending to incorporate this document into a published work, please make contact (via e-mail) so that you can be supplied with the most up to date information available. In the past, out of date versions of the Linux HowTo documents have been published, which caused the developers undue grief from being plagued with questions that were already answered in the up to date versions.

12.2 Chiusura

Se si fosse trovato qualsiasi errore di digitazione, o informazioni obsolete in questo documento, si prega di farmelo sapere. È facile omettere qualcosa, perché il kernel (e il numero dei driver) è immenso comparato a come era quando ho iniziato questo documento.


Paul Gortmaker, p_gortmaker @ yahoo.com

Avanti Indietro Indice