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Pluto Meeting 2001 ""  
Terni 7-8-9 Dicembre
Introducing Pluto 2k1
Pluto Meeting has been for years the main Italian event on Free Software. Born as the yearly national assembly of Pluto FSUG (hence the name), Pluto Meeting has become the place where all the developers of Free code in Italy meet every year with their peers and the industry members and companieshaving an interest in Free and Open Software.

Pluto is in charge of activities such as the "official" translation of the Linux documentation in Italian (ILDP Project) and the publication of an on-line technical magazine, the Pluto Journal.

Within the event, talks will be given by major Italian and international experts on both introductory and advanced topics relating to Linux, to state of the art technologies and to Free Software and its ideals. The focus is on software distributed under a Free or Open License.

Longer and more focused courses will be held on several technologies of current interest. These courses will be of two types: introductory (and hence open to all) or advanced and aimed at a smaller audience.

Furthermore, a special area will be reserved to companies willing to appear with a stand at the Meeting, as well as a lounge where companies hiring and those seeking employment can meet.

Sign up for the Meeting!
You just have to fill in the form - signing up for the meeting in advance entitles you to receive the meeting's folder and some gadgets - Hurry! These will be available only while supplies last As always, admission to the meeting, both talks and courses, is completely free (as in beer =)

If you want to help spread the word, the official banners are available for download. If you decide to post them, we would be happy to hear about it at so we can cross-link with you.

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