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Pluto Meeting 2001 ""  
Terni 7-8-9 Dicembre
Friday December 7
Time Auditorium Audiovisual Studio Course Lab
10.00 Opening Speech by National Pluto Coordinator Simone Stevanin with Alessandro Leonardi of LUG Terni (Auditorium)
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 "Qt Application Development"
Federico Lucifredi
12.00 Lunch Break
15.00     "Learn to program.... in Open Source"
Emmanuele Somma
16.30 "The new features of the Linux Kernel, changes in 2.4.10 and the upcoming future (kernel 2.5)"
Andrea Arcangeli
18.00 "Internet File Server: how to bring your LAN to the Internet"
Giampiero Recco
"Clustering HA under Linux: Kimberlite."
Simone Piccardi
Saturday December 8
Time Auditorium Audiovisual Studio Course Lab
09.00 "Italian Linux Society"
Antonio Gallo
"Free Linux documentation in Italy"
Eugenia Franzoni
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 "Samba, opening window to a wider world"
Simo Sorce
  "Free software for freelance professionals. Odontolinux!: managing a dental office"
Gaetano Paolone
Roberto Kaitsas
13.00 Lunch Break
15.00 "Tcl, a little big language"
David N. Welton
"IPsec and Linux FreeS/WAN"
Davide Cerri
"Managing Open Source development projects with CVS"
Fabrizio G. Ficca
16.00 "Analysis of law 248/2000 ("bollino") and its consequences to Free Software distribution"
Leandro Noferini
"Freenet: one year later"
Marco Calamari
17.00 "Open Source: stuff for criminals?"
Andrea Monti
"Free Software Foundation Europe"
Christopher R. Gabriel
18.00 PANEL: The future of Free Software with dangerous laws on the horizon
Moderatore: Arturo di Corinto
Sunday December 9
Time Auditorium Audiovisual Studio Course Lab
09.00 "LGMT: a Free Software project for data management on directory server"
Marco Marongiu
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 "Free documentation in the Italian editorial world. GNUtemberg!: an alternative project"
Gaetano Paolone
Antonella Beccaria
"Introducing the Free Dictionary project"
Simone Piccardi
"Developing Web Application in Linux and Java"
Luca Balzerani
Fabio Fedele
12.00 Lunch Break
15.00 Free Software Award ceremony
The award commitee chair, Christopher R. Gabriel
"Apache advanced techniques: file system abstraction"
Antonio Baldassarra
Luca Balzerani
"Entry-level course in PHP"
Fabrizio G. Ficca
16.00   "Vitaminic: Free Software and the New Economy"
Vittorio Bertola
Fabrizio G. Ficca
18.00 Closing Speech
Technical Philosophical / generic Projects Special events
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